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In our latest state-of-the-art technical process, NUSSBAUM TOUCHLESS®, our high precision strips are wound into coils using a particularly surface-friendly technology to ensure they are ready for use by you. We can thus offer a much-improved surface finish. In particular, this results in greatly reduced soft-particle abrasion, especially on strips with delicate, finished surfaces. This in turn reduces contamination of your punching and bending tools with a corresponding increase in service life.

You increase your product quality, productivity and process reliability – reducing costs.

With NUSSBAUM SLITTING+MULTICOIL®, we support your production via process optimization. We deliver pallets containing rings of precisely butt-welded narrow strips arranged in multiple layers. You benefit from reduced set-up times, increased parts production with less waste, longer not interrupted machine running times and greater process reliability.

You make your processes more efficient and reliable – reducing costs.

With NUSSBAUM MULTISELECT® we developed an extremely precise slitting process, which makes it possible to combine the selective finishing of narrow strips with the economic advantages of multiple wide coil-based finishing. Thus, planning ahead, we reduce for you the used raw materials, the waste rate, the lead time of the total process and the tied-up capital.

Thus, you save time and money.

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