Sustainable top performance

Reliability is our ultimate goal

We are a service company. Our customers expect a “full service” from us – this means sustainable excellence in all areas. This is the focus of our thinking and actions. To meet these requirements, we rely on decades of experience, motivated employees and reliable, state-of-the-art technology with documented processes. In doing so, we are always aware of our social and ecological responsibilities – and act accordingly.

Our mission is to provide perfect, needs-based supply of our high precision cut strips – predominantly copper and copper alloys, either bare or with surface finishing – to the manufacturers of sheet-metal parts for the automotive, electrical engineering and electronics industries.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers can rely on us one hundred per cent – so they can focus on their value-adding processes.

Our Team

We deliver our services with a team spirit that is both genuine and “lived”. In order to achieve the best results for you, our experienced staff with in-depth technical/commercial training and our internally trained specialists work together within an extremely flat hierarchical structure with short communication paths.


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